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tv   The Five  FOX News  March 6, 2013 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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>> eric: hello, everybody. i'm eric bolling with kimberly guilfoyle, juan williams, andrea tantaros and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> eric: for the first time in quite some time we are seeing a filibuster on the floor of the u.s. senate. you are looking live at senator rand paul who vowed to hold up the nomination of john brennan to be the next c.i.a. director. he wants answers from the president on the drone execution program. more on that in a minute. but first, president obama has gone too far this time, even for him. he tried to scare us on sequestration, but america seems to be getting along just fine. he said janitors were getting pink slips. they weren't now. he is punishing the kids. no more white house tours for the kids. he let thousands of illegals go free, though. are you getting it, folks? do you see what is hang here? president obama wants to
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punish us. hope and change is scare and blame. we're on to the game. case and point, spending. anyone with half a brain really think he wants to cut spending a punny? my pal alan combs walked in a buzz saw when bill o'reilly confronted him on obama's lies spending. watch. >> here are the programs that are going to go down. here is how we are going to reform medicare and social security. the man refuses to do it. >> not true. >> hold it. he is now teed off at you. give me one damn program he said he has cut -- >> he cut entitlements. >> entitlements. a program. >> are you saying you agree with him -- >> the sitting in the oval office for five years. with a $17 trillion debt. refusing to say one program he cut. you don't think that puts a burden on the american people?
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>> i keef telling you -- >> you are not telling me anything. this is not about a disagre disagreement. you can't give me an example of a federal program he said he would cut. not one. >> eric: president obama should be ashamed for putting good liberals in the untenable position of having to defend the president's lies on spending. right, juan? >> juan: i find this so puzzling. first, i think tha that alan walked in a buzz saw but bill overreacted. he was like show me something specific that has been cut. at that point, he might be right. alan is right when he says medicare, if you look at the president 2013 budget, he is talking about means testing medicare. that is real. if you look at the size of sequestration, $1 trillion on top of $1.5 trillion, you said
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the president and congress can make cut in 2011. >> andrea: this is disorienting to hear now democrats taking credit for cutting medicare in the presidential election all we heard was democrats blaming and threatening that romney would do something they have already done. i'm so disoriented by this. i know that bill o'reilly got heated last night. but good for bill. $17 trillion in debt is a serious thing. we have talk about it like it's nothing. laugh and make jokes. it is a big deal. the biggest issue facing this country. everyone slopings it off. >> eric: kimberly, isn't bill o'reilly say, materializing, everything that most americans or most conservative americans have been feeling? it's been building up? >> sure. this is bubbling to the surface. people are upset and frustrated because you have a white house, administration that is treating american people's money like monopoly money, like it doesn't matter and it's not real. we have are playing a game here. they are playing a game with people's lives and grossly
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irresponsible. the nightmare on elm street he was doing. look at the stock market. they were playground bullies and they backfireed on them. >> watching the video is the reason that bill and i vacationed separately. the janitors wearing pink slips. but this is the consequence of a president who cries wolf. now everyone working for them is heading to the wolf story. they have to make sure it follows the story that pain will be caused. underlying message is any cuts to the government hurts. that every single penny we give to the government is not wasted. that is the easier lie to prove. even for a liberal. >> eric: think about that.
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overlying theme no matter what happens down the road or what they say, they just don't want to cut any spending. because they say it will cause pain. rush limbaugh has an opinion on what obama really wants to do to americans. listen. >> it is clear that the obama administration doesn't just need the american people to feel pain. it wants you to feel pain and the number one requirement in order for obama to succeed at he he is ultimate lu attempting to achieve. >> kimberly: rush makes a great point. obama wants to punish us and put us to bed without dinner. he is not showing the leadership he needs and not making good decisions. he scares people and tells untruths. now there are repercussions. i don't think he --
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>> greg: can i respond? i don't think people care. president obama is blessed with the most distracted society since rome. instead of bread and circumstances we have beyonce. nobody cares. he believes growth in private sector is green and growth in public sector is compassion. we don't need a dialogue. we need a deprogrammer in the white house. >> eric: juan, if letting illegals free isn't painful and teachers will get fire and old people can't eat, it sounds like he is predicting pain. >> juan: first of all, first of all -- you want it to come true at the stroke of midnigh midnight. this is simplistic in your thinking. i want to say the president approves extension of the bush tax cut that benefit almost every american except for the rich. >> kimberly: begrudgingly. >> eric: i don't know -- >> juan: you said that he
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wants to cause pain. [ overtalk ] >> juan: of the bush tax cut. >> eric: last i check the tax rate went from 36 to 39.5%. >> eric: that is for you. >> kimberly: paycheck, juan. check yourself. >> andrea: rush said that obama wants us to feel pain. why does he want to us feel pain? he only wants us to feel pain to cover up his lies and his screwups. he was doing this, spending a lot of money to retain power. that is who i they spend a lot of money. very seductive. spend money an retain power. politicians are excellent at it. now because nothing came true he has to not manage the sequester. he specifically not managing it for a public relations gain. for example, faa agent on my brother's flight the other day and he said we're getting furloughed. for one day, juan. one day, because of the
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sequester. everything else was overhyped. they are not doing the white house -- >> juan: wait a minute. they are -- >> andrea: hold on. pay white house calligrapher $98,000 a year. >> eric: there is a leaked e-mail from agriculture department. field officer that said however you manage that reduction, you need to make sure you are not contradicting what we said the impact would be. in other words make it seem as bad as we promise it would be. freddie president obama is tepeing his own house. in a weird way i don't know if obama really cares about these things. it's an act. changing exceptionalism for anorexia. thinner u.s. is less of a threat worldwide. if you believe u.s. is a threat. smaller america is better. he is cool with our income. our own income slinking but uncool with the slinking government that is not a leader, that's a bleeder. >> eric: unbelievable. you transitioned to the next
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sound bite. >> greg: thank you. >> eric: this is president reagan march 6, this date in history 1981. talk about leadership. the first thing he did when he got in office, government is too big. the american people have had a tough time. government needs to check themselveses the way the american people have. watch. >> in two years the reduction will save the taxpayers $1.3 billion. millions of americans today have had to tighten their bel belts. because of the economic conditions and time to put washington on a diet, too. >> eric: what happened from there, doreenia? immediately after that, the chi went from a negative 8% growth rate to positive 5% growth rate. president reagan made tough choices. he cut the workforce first. that set positive growth going forward. >> andrea: the larger government gets, as reagan knew, he had wherewithal to do it. he knew the best thing is take the pain now because it would be worse.
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the diet analogy, this doesn't stand up on the sequester. we weren't asking president obama to put us on a diet. just saying don't let us gain more weight. this is really simple. he could don't that without propaganda and hysteria. >> juan: can i give you a touch of reality. >> andrea: i gave you a touch. quite a touch. >> juan: the neighbors to the north in new york. my loved ones on "the five." but let me say now that i'm here, in all the deficit deals made it's $4 in cuts so far for $1 in new revenue. >> eric: no. >> juan: that can't be true. >> eric: you're lying. >> juan: there we go. now we got it. oh, my gosh. barn subsidy, oil subsidiaries, medicare thing we mentioned. look at the reality of the deal that was made in 2011 with republicans by president obama. >> eric: president obama --
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[over talk ] >> kimberly: you are misunderstanding something. they are from two separate parties and vastly different ideologies about what should happen in the cons. president obama with the access he is taking wants to transform the country. but first break it down. >> juan: you know what reagan did in addition? he agreed to deals to raise taxes and produce more revenue. >> eric: no, juan. >> greg: we are talking about a diet of two entities. diet in which you shrink the american economic opportunity versus the shrinking of a government. obama is interested in slinking opportunity. he is turning america -- >> juan: why would he be interested -- >> greg: he wants a smaller america. he said that. he is interested to europeanizing, if that is a word. >> eric: if you are depending on the government you are likely to vote for the dependency. >> kimberly: it puttous in a weak and vulnerability
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position. >> eric: we have to go. are you looking -- hold on. do we have it? rand paul on the u.s. senate floor. filibuster. by the way, he started the filibuster before noon today. so we will keep an eye on that. we'll get that in a couple of minutes. hollywood heart-wrenching goodbyes to a hero, hugo chavez. oliver stone, sean penn and mike moore in mourning over the loss of the dictator. greg has a reality check for them. that's coming up next on "the five." ♪ ♪ hey, our salads.
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♪ we saw misty eyed left wing hacks pay tribute to dead tyrant. sean penn, oliver stone, jimmy carter. shower hugo chavez with bittering babble. and george galoway who considered chavez modern day part cuss, this is george on a tv show pretending to be a
2:19 pm
cat. >> would you like me to be the cat? >> yes. delicious. >> greg: and he won re-election! but the dribbling olympics is the that he wrote this. the biggest problem venezuela faced is not that chavez was awe attorneauthoritarian, but ts authoritarian enough. the cliche that affects all lefties, hugo was david to our goliath. though he sold billions of dollars fostering a murder rate that dwarfs chicago. oliver stone and sean penn weep over a man is saying we agree with him. this is like women who fall in love with killer option death row. it's about the desperately low
2:20 pm
opinion they have of themselves, opinion we all share. the equation seems to be i'm a piece of crap so i have to fall in love with someone who also sees me as a piece of crap. the fact is, hugo was the least popular hugo since the yugoslavian national vehicle. maybe the hollywood ghouls should be forced to drive them to remind themselves what amazing tools they truly are. ♪ >> greg: k.g., you were bellowing during my monologue. >> kimberly: it was so weird. there were good parts. >> greg: why is it cool for left wing to embrace thugs? when they know that the people do terrible things. this guy left the country in poverty pilfering billions of dollars and he's considered a hero. >> kimberly: that is the problem. kim jung unsaying why am i rejected by the hollywood left? what did i do so bad compared to this guy? it makes no sense. i don't understand how they think it is helping their cause. the cause making them look good. it's not.
2:21 pm
chavez has been dead since last wednesday since 11:00 a.m. >> greg: you believe that? >> kimberly: that is when the first report came out. >> andrea: hoping to bring him back to life? >> kimberly: perhaps. stranger things have happene happened. democracy won't happen there soon. >> juan: what is your with ouija board telling you? >> greg: my favorite line is that hugo chavez was man of many talents. played ball, sang songs, got down and groovy. that is precisely how we will remember the leader. is that precisely how we remember him? really? >> he had populist skill in venezuela. >> great politician, terrible leader. >> juan: tremendous politician. the poverty rates went down.
2:22 pm
>> greg: murder rate skyrocketed. >> down to what? 80%? they took advantage. but you have dictators like chavez and fidel castro and the left falls in love with the guys without understanding that they in fact corrupt, they corrupt life in those countries. i'm not going to take away from hugo chavez on the day he died. he was a populist leader. popular. people are crying over him. but to my mind, they are ill-served by dictators who claim people's land. who oppress people and kill people. >> eric: start out with killing the rumor. there is no truth to the rumor that president obama will go to venezuela to take over the dictatorship there. doing the same thing here. he realizes in venezuela there are no term limits so he can do it forever. that is cat goricly untrue.
2:23 pm
juan, to your points that were all wrong, the murder rate is 1,000% higher in venezuela. >> juan: i didn't say the murder rate. i said the poverty rate went down. >> eric: poverty rate double than here. 30% of the country lives in poverty. >> juan: it was more before him. >> eric: how aboutbe this? there are 300 billion-barrel of oil reserved in venezuela. if you value that, every single venezuelan should be worth $1.1 million. they are living in abject poverty. somewhere around 30% of the country lives on less than $2 a day. i don't know what the left finds really cool about what chavez has done. >> kimberly: nothing. >> eric: guys like sean penn and mike moore should shut up. >> andrea: wait a minute. greg, according to larry king he's really huggable. remember larry king said he was huggable? that should count for something. he was rolely polly and a bit of a belly. >> greg: a teddy bear. >> andrea: dictator teddy bear. you are wrong about the oil. he came in power and he
2:24 pm
transformed the national oil company and they were producing much less oil. he is leaving $2 million of profit of his own. what is dangerous he gave away $150 billion of the profit to bolivia. he gave them to the castro brothers and morales and daniel ortega in nicaragua to fund the ideological dictatorship same thinking. >> juan: i didn't say anything wrong. >> andrea: you said he has taken the profits and done better with them. just he nationalized much of the oil industry with the idea that the money could go not only to the poor in his country but people around latin america. he was standing in defiance of the united states and saying we are independent. >> kimberly: just so you know what is coming is worse. just so you know. the general will be in charge. he is going to come in. he has been getting together the vice president and they have got this locked up. mark my words. it's coming. >> greg: before we break, venezuelan owned oil refiner cisco flew the flag outside of houston offices at half staff
2:25 pm
on wednesday. out of respect for hugo chavez. that gives me gas. sorry, andrea. lawmakers confront eric holder over killing americans on u.s. soil. can the administration legally do that? his answer next. on "the five." ♪ ♪ hey. they're coming. yeah. british. later. sorry. ok...four words... scarecrow in the wind... a baboon... monkey? hot stew saturday!? ronny: hey jimmy, how happy are folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico? jimmy: happier than paul revere with a cell phone. ronny: why not? anncr: get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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♪ ♪ >> andrea: you are looking live at the floor in washington, d.c. where rand paul is holding up the nomination for john brennan to be next director of the c.i.a. he is demanding answers from
2:30 pm
president obama on the drone program. here is the senator earlier today explaining the filibuster. >> i arrived today to begin to filibuster john brennan's nomination for the c.i.a. i will speak until i can no longer speak. it will speak as long as it takes until the alarm is sounded from coast to coast. the constitution is important. no american should be killed by a drone on american soil without first being charged with a crime, without first being bound to be guilty by a court. >> also earlier, attorney general eric holder was asked about the controversial program. >> does the constitution allow u.s. citizen on u.s. soil who doesn't pose a serious threat to be killed by the u.s. government? >> i do not believe that again, you have have all the
2:31 pm
facts. the facts you have given me, hypothetical, i would not think in that situation use of a drone or lethal force is appropriate. >> general holder i have to tell you. it find it remarkable that in that hypothetical, which is deliberately very simple, you are unable to give a simple one word, one syllable answer, no. >> andrea: we should point out that rand paul has been speaking since noon today. his gums must be tired. eric, a very serious issue for him. he has been flapping his chops and talking about snow white or anything to keep going. but he has been flopping his chops for a long time. he says this is important and improved the president's other nominees and says this one is important because this is an executive overreach. >> eric: i have to tell you. i think it's cool what he is doing. interesting what he is doing. but ted cruz, senator cruz is a fantastic, fantastic guy to be asking eric holder the
2:32 pm
questions. he said it's constitutional to use it for president obama to make decision. kill an american on american soil with a drone. after questioning he got eric holder to say yeah, i guess you're right. it's not constitutional. ted cruz is doing a fantastic job. rand paul saying i need more answers. almost as bad on the stand besides eric holder's reaction was jodi arias. two deer in the headlights. >> andrea: could you talk that long, greg? >> greg: i couldn't stand that long. for sure. i get tired. i love that he is fighting drones with drones. he is just going to drone for hours and hours. genius. by the way, i think his name should go from rand paul to rand personal. we havperm. we have drones in benghazi. like they are misunderstood lady bugs wit.
2:33 pm
he is fearful of rifle with mass death from above from an ominous government. >> andrea: kimberly, this is scary stuff when you look at it. the president basically, i think came out and said we are allowed to kill americans and they put out the memo to the justice department with a drone. that was a cyb, cover your butt memo because they have technically killed american sits they consider to be terrorists. where do you fall on this? >> kimberly: the legal arguement is they feel they have clear and convincing evidence that the individuals while they're american citizens turned. in fact, posed dangerous threat. become terrorists in committing act of terror against the united states. can't be condoned. they are losing their status. the question is whether or not the due process should be applicable. at what point. two decides. should they go before a court so that a determination can be made instead of being executioner, judge, all in one.
2:34 pm
that is what the administration is doing. that being said, i like dead bad people. >> juan: hold on, hold on. i'm surprised that you guys at this table want to hammer president obama for going after terrorists after the congress of the united states -- >> andrea: wait. i don't hear anyone hammering the president on that one. >> juan: gave the president -- >> greg: juan, juan, i'm for it. >> juan: to kilte kill terroris. not one is killed on u.s. soil. the guy we went after -- let me tell you the guy we went after, al-awlaki was a bad guy. >> you will approve this and say yeah, we will go after and kilter rorrists. the american troops turned on the americans killed. what is next? maybe we don't like the gun laws, too. >> juan: oh, i missed it. you are in a conspiratorial haze. you are paranoid to the point you are saying -- >> eric: you are not? >> juan: no. i am telling you reality. >> andrea: i'm going to
2:35 pm
quote the left on this. juan -- >> juan: this is too much. the president is helping america. >> andrea: juan i'll argue from the other side. folks on the left are upset. the aclu because the president killed al-zawahiri's 16-year-old son. i think we all like that the president is taking out bad people. we are not getting the information. but don't you think he could just kill at will? >> juan: no. >> andrea: he could make an error? >> juan: there is collateral murders of people -- >> kimberly: collateral damage. >> juan: that is regrettable. but to my mind there is collateral damage if you have soldiers on the ground and an all-out war if this saves the lives of american troops and make america safer go for it. >> eric: congress has to agree to it. democrat is the bottom line. they have a problem. hypocrisy problem. they don't want the prison open to hold the individuals and they're inconsistent of the statements where they should be tried. so they just got to kill them. they're not worried about
2:36 pm
asking permission. >> greg: the bigger issue in this, sooner or later all of lus have our own drones. this is about -- this is the lidge call extension of guns about protection. you are going to have a house. you are going to have a drone. is there will be drone rights and drone control. it will be an interesting time. the next ten years. >> andrea: i'll work on this. coming up ahead now, should knives be allowed back on airplanes? they will be on the first time since 9/11. a lot of pilots and flight attendants aren't happy about it. we'll tell you what we think coming up next. ♪ ♪
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i'm bret baier in washington.
2:41 pm
the big story here today growing concern from some lawmakers about the obama administration use of drones and whether drones would ever be used to kill americans. tonight on "special report," kentucky republican senator rand paul is filibustering the nomination of john brennan as c.i.a. director over this drone issue. also today, attorney general holder testified about drones before the judiciary committee. he seemed to concede the president does not have the constitutional authority to use drones against u.s. citizens on u.s. soil. the federal government wa was trying to avoid shutdown of the government and we talk to two members on the continuing resolution. president obama taking republican senators to dinner tonight as part of the new outreach to the capitol hill lawmakers. "special report" from washington starts at 6:00 eastern. now send it back to new york and my colleagues with "the five." ♪ ♪
2:42 pm
>> kimberly: well, knives have been banned op planes since the attack on 9/11 but next month the tsa will allow passengers to carry small ones on board again. no longer than six sint meters in length. also on board, hockey, baseball bat. the idea is to expedite screening so staffers can focus on the gigantic things like explosives. to me this is crazy. you can bring on a knife. they can stab all the passengers but the pilots are safe in cockpit because you can't get through the door with a knife this big. why are you shaking your head? >> greg: there are people who love to whittle when they are flying. the national whittle association has been behind the whole thing.
2:43 pm
i just bought stock in big pocket knife. i think this is really going to help. >> kimberly: you like this. >> greg: i agree. i think it's crazy. the door shut. >> kimberly: so you agree with me. good job. >> eric: explain this to me. okay to bring a knife on but toothpaste is off-limits. >> kimberly: you have that on board. you can use it as a weapon. they are only concerned what could penetrate the cockpit. because you can put an explosive inside toothpaste. that is the idea. >> eric: why can't i use a box cutter? why can't i bring a box cutter? >> greg: razor blade. >> kimberly: hope that you are next to an air marshal and not a psycho person with a knife or whatever. >> andrea: according to the administration, all the air marshals are poof, gone because of sequester. >> juan: they're not all
2:44 pm
gone. not true. the thinking behind this to inform the audience. the thinking is people have an emotional attachment to the swiss army knife or corkscrew or whatever and they don't want to alienate the public. >> kimberly: did you make this up? >> eric: >> juan: no. they don't want the tsa in arguments about -- >> andrea: when does the tsa care about our emotional attachment? just i'm telling you. i lost a knife. they volunteer to mail it back to me. i just lost it. >> andrea: nobody brought a knife on a plane since 9/11. why not keep it in place? >> juan: what about the golfers or lacrosse players? >> andrea: the tsa will get a good knife collection. people won't be sure is this
2:45 pm
knife too big or too small? why cause confusion? stick with the law. tremendous is no reason behind this. >> greg: there is a lost generation missed outen beauty of a pocket knife. my dad got me a pocket knife at eight or nine. it had wood paneling. nice. i had it until i was 18. irrelevant. the other thing is little toy baseball bat, is that to make nancy kerrig nash nervous? >> kimberly: tonena harding is like yeah, i'm flying again! >> andrea: i figured you out. you whittle on flights. ornaments. >> greg: i carve a boxcutter. >> juan: i travel all the time. you know what happened the other day? you go to take out conditioner for the hair and i realize i put body lotion in the conditioner.
2:46 pm
you smoosh junk on yourself. >> kimberly: my big sexy got confiscated. >> greg: what? >> kimberly: big sexy. >> eric: i don't think you should travel with that. >> eric: when can we put our shoes through security? >> kimberly: why do with travel with these? if this can't be used as a weapon, what can? coming up, baby buzz across the pond. did princess kate reveal whether she is carrying a possible future king or queen? you will hear from the duchess of cambridge ahead on "the five." ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> juan: former n.b.a. star dennis rodman didn't score a lot of points with americans
2:51 pm
hanging out with kim jung un last week. but the media tried hard to convince the world the trip was a slam dunk big success. here is the propaganda that aired over there. >> eric: now he is back in up to and escorted from a hotel on sunday. just a he was telling everybody what a great guy that kim jung un was and people got sick of it. >> kimberly: what hotel? >> juan: dennis rodman said it's just that the president should call kim jung and they both love basketball. it could be basketball diplomacy. andrea, what do you think? trump says why not? give them a call, right? >> andrea: no. don't just give him a call. i don't know. i'm torn on this one. do you charge the guy with season or make him a diplomat?
2:52 pm
he is the only guy to get him to sit down and talk. this story is strange and bizarre. we're giving rodman so much air time. gawps didn't people at google over go over there? >> juan: >> no. they didn't get to sit down with him. just but they went. >> greg: when people go to north korea they know it's north korea. dennis rodman thought he was at the oscars. what a spon tainous eruption of applause. of course they weren't threatened with death. >> eric: that explains why rodman thought it was cool to be there hanging out with kim jung un. >> andrea: if those people don't cheer they will be killed. of course they choose. that's why at kim jong il's funeral they cried. >> kimberlydo you
2:53 pm
like this story? do you like talking about dennis rodman? >> greg: you dated him for six months. >> kimberly: absolutely not. that was carmen electra. >> greg: you dated carmen? >> kimberly: no. i'm in my office with her, have a picture. i'm not even answering this. the point is that it made mockery of the whole situation. when the people in north korea are suffering. 35% suffered from malnutrition. they are serious numbers. this shows a bizarre -- >> juan: this is a biggest threat with world diplomacy. givenbe their proximity and what goes on with china. they are launching missile. if they have a real missile, they are a threat to japan and the world. >> eric: do you have a picture of that? the bow? >> kimberly: no, the bow. they bow to one another. >> eric: obama had a bow -- just you don't stop.
2:54 pm
>> juan: one more thing. don't go away. we're coming right back and you will love it. ♪ ♪ i'm a conservative investor. but that doesn't mean i don't want to make money. i love making money. i try to be smart with my investments. i also try to keep my costs down. what's your plan? ishares. low cost and tax efficient. find out why nine out of ten large professional investors choose ishares for their etfs. ishares by blackrock. call 1-800-ishares for a prospectus which includes investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. read and consider it carefully before investing. risk includes possible loss of principal.
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2:58 pm
>> kimberly: i haven't heard that since sixth grade. fill it to the rim with kim, like brim. anyway. here is one more thing. i'll do the baby bump because i love talking about the roya royals. >> greg: help me. >> kimberly: here is the scoop. apparently she might have made a little slip. listen to this and see what you think. >> kimberly: so people think it's a scoop because she started to say for a daughter. so now, it turns out she is having a baby girl -- >> greg: who cares? who cares about these people? >> kimberly: a lot of people do. all the royal watchers out there. andrea, what are you doing with those? it's so loud. what are you doing? so weird. ♪ ♪ >> andrea: sorry, k.g. was my music too loud?
2:59 pm
don't worry, mayor bloomberg is going to ban loud earphones, everybody. trying to prevent us from getting fat, from breastfeeding our kids with formula and now he doesn't want our eardrums to burst. wow! where does it end? if you think i'm making it up, i am not. he is against this being too loud. butt out, mayor bloomberg. butt out. let me blow out my eardrums. >> kimberly: what are you listening to? >> andrea: rhiana. jus >> juan: i like the way you move. >> eric: and the liberal. >> juan: tuesday night, mount etna in italy erupted and put on quite a show. sending ash and lava in the night sky. fantastifantastic pictures here. tallest volcano in europe. unbelievably lucky to be covered with this stuff.


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